Air Quality Test:

  Do you (or anyone in your family) suffer from any of the following?

1. Allergies? YesNo

2. Asthma?YesNo

3. Headaches?YesNo

4. Sore eyes?YesNo

5. Sore throat?YesNo

6. Flu-like symptoms when indoors?YesNo

7. Constant fatigue when indoors?YesNo

Does your home seem to have these problems?

8. Dust balls?YesNo

9. Excess dirt?YesNo

10. Fur balls?YesNo

11. Dust?YesNo

12. Cold/hot spots?YesNo

13. Discoloration of carpets drapes or furnishing?YesNo

Has your home had any of these improvements done?

14. New home construction?YesNo

15. Renovations?YesNo

16. Drywall or painting?YesNo

17. New carpet or flooring?YesNo

18. Does/did your home have mice or rodent problems?YesNo

19. Is your home close to a busy road/freeway farmer’s field/industrial Park?YesNo

20. Do you (or the previous owners of your home) smoke?YesNo

21. Do you (or the previous owners of your home) have pets?YesNo

22. Would you like to improve the air quality in your home?YesNo

23. Do you like to save money but still believe in a quality service, to protect your family and home?YesNo