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For being recognized a benchmark in indoor quality area, we take a broader perspective on indoor air quality matters. We provide hygienic and economical indoor quality solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. The indoor air quality requirements are not limited to just individual homes, as commercial areas such as hospitals, schools, banks, shopping malls; leisure facilities etc. also need clean air quality. To make this happen, SIMMCO provides few products installation services vital to obtain standard indoor air quality.

Benefits of Humidifier Installation:

Humidifiers maintains appropriate levels of moisture in the atmosphere imperative for ideal respiratory health. In most cases, the people without humidifiers installed in the rooms happen to inhale unnaturally dry air. The installation of humidifier benefits by putting moisture in dry, harsh air making it easier to inhale. All those folks who keep on fighting with respiratory infections, nose, throat and bronchial tubes dryness, and other related airborne infections must install a Humidifier. It will keep humidity concentration at a recommended level and you will enjoy long lasting health benefits in return.

The whole-house humidifiers don’t need to carry from room to room because they are installed in the ductwork. As a result they save money, energy, and of course health. Furthermore, by consuming only 1.5 to 12 gallons water each day, they don’t make a difference on your water bills as well.

Benefits of installing Dehumidifier:

Dehumidifier is a device for removing excessive moisture or humidity inside a room or building. Not only it helps to avoid sticky and muggy atmosphere, it prevents the creation of ideal atmosphere for mold, mildew, and dust mites as well. There are multiple built in benefits of installing a dehumidifier inside your home as it:

  • Continuously regulate the humidity inside your home or office.
  • Avoid water damage around your area.
  • Hamper the growth of allergens.
  • Saves energy and money

The dehumidifier can easily target the harmful moisture that is trapped on inside. It is a number one choice for removing excessive moisture build from cooking, washing, and other activities in tighter homes. In order to keep your inside environment in a natural shape, you have to remove the extra moisture load that is developed due to Cooking, showering, breathing, and other day-to-day activities. The rescue only comes by installing a pertinent dehumidifier.

Germicidal Lights (UV Lights) installation Benefits:

Germicidal Lights are revolutionary lights vital to create ideal indoor healthy climate. They use intense rays to target and kill pollutants like bacteria’s, yeast, and other harmful viruses. They are normally installed inside your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning duct system thus controlling air quality in your entire environment. The main pros of installing UV Lights inside your home are:

  • Killing biological pollutants such as bacteria and mold.
  • Improving inside air quality and protecting the equipment’s by sanitising surfaces.
  • Reducing concentration of aerosol in the atmosphere.
  • Helps you to fight against serious threats such as influenza, measles, smallpox, and common colds.
  • Protects the dark moist parts of your system by catching the dust, dirt, mold, and fungus that are not only bad for your health but also for the efficiency of system as well.