Residential Services


recomendation1. The company must have an existing physical address in which you are able to confirm its validity. (If the company does not show their mailing address, most likely this is a virtual company in which case you should avoid them at all costs).

2. How long has the contractor been in the HVAC system cleaning business?

3. Can the contractor provide you with evidence of the current Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance coverage? (Ask for Certificate of Insurance.)

4. Does the contractor possess the proper licenses that are required by your city or province to perform the work they are proposing? In Ontario company that work with Gas Appliances have to be registered with TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) (Our TSSA # 000222226)

5. Will the contractor provide you with 3 to 5 customer references with phone numbers for which they provided service in the last 30 days?

6. (Residential) Will the contractor conducts a thorough inspection of your system PRIOR to performing any work and alerts you to any problems? This is required by the current NADCA Assessment, Cleaning & Restoration of HVAC Systems (ACR) Standard.
(Commercial Only) Does the contractor have written safety, respiratory, and confined space programs in addition to OSHA compliance reports?

7. Will the contractor provide you with a means to conduct a visual inspection at any time during the cleaning? (Mirror and flashlight, camera or other remote visual systems.)

8. (Residential) Will the contractor be cleaning the complete system, including coils and fans? (Use this checklist)

9. Will the contracting company actually do the work? (Some companies subcontract the work to independent contractors. You will want to apply these guidelines for subcontractors as well.)

(Commercial) Will the company be assigning an Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) to your project that will be responsible for the complete project?

10. (Residential) Is the contractor giving you a guaranteed price before the inspection? This may expose you to extra costs. Finding mould in the system, damaged fibreglass insulation, cleaning or treating cooling coils may become add-on costs.

(Commercial) If there is any remediation of mould or other biological contamination, does the company have a Ventilation System Mould Remediation (VSMR) on staff?

HVAC system shall be cleaned using Source Removal mechanical cleaning methods designed to extract contaminants from within the HVAC system and safely remove contaminants from the residence. No cleaning method, or combination of methods, shall be used which could potentially damage components of the HVAC system or negatively alter the integrity of the system.(Our Residential Duct Cleaning Process)

  1. All methods used shall incorporate the use of vacuum collection devices that are operated continuously during cleaning. A vacuum device shall be connected to the downstream end of the section being cleaned through a predetermined opening. The vacuum collection device must be of sufficient power to render all areas being cleaned under negative pressure, such that containment of debris and the protection of the indoor environment are assured.
  2. All vacuum devices exhausting air inside the building shall be equipped with HEPA filters (minimum efficiency), including hand-held vacuums and wet-vacuums.
  3. All vacuum devices exhausting air outside the facility shall be equipped with Particulate  Collection including adequate filtration to contain Debris removed from the HVAC system. Such devices shall exhaust in a manner that will not allow contaminants to re-enter the facility. Release of debris outdoors must not violate any outdoor environmental standards, codes or regulations.
  4. All methods require mechanical agitation devices to dislodge debris adhered to interior HVAC system surfaces, such that debris may be safely conveyed to vacuum collection devices. Acceptable methods will include those, which will not potentially damage the integrity of the ductwork, nor damage porous surface materials such as liners inside the ductwork or system components.

 We are Pleased to Provide Our Residential Cleaning Services: 

  • HVAC systems ductwork
  • Furnace cleaning
  • Central Exhaust Systems
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Exhaust
  • Chimneys,
  •  Water Heater
  • A/C coil cleaning
  • High Velocity System

Avoid “Dirty” Duct Cleaners

The scenario: You get a flyer in the mail from a company offering to clean the air ducts at your home for only $99. Intrigued by the low price, you contact the company and set up an appointment.When the company arrives at your house, the rep tries to sell you on a bunch of other services, including carpet cleaning or mold remediation, to improve the air quality inside your home. If you don’t bite at these invoice-increasing items, he gives your ducts a cursory cleaning before moving onto the next mark somewhere in your area…
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