Cleaning Process

Residential Duct Cleaning (WATCH THIS VIDEO)

SIMMCO Inc. only uses custom built, high powered vacuum units, with powerful air compressors, rotary brush systems, powered whips & skipper lines as well as a robotic camera. We are fully licensed and insured. We will perform our work using Source Removal Methods.

We at SIMMCO Inc use our own team of cleaning professionals. People we’ve trained to do a variety of jobs thoroughly, safely and expertly.

Our HI-TECH duct cleaning method confirms by (NADCA)

1. We come in with a  truck mounted unit, one the most powerful equipment in the industry specially designed to perform these types of work.

Residential Duct Cleaning Residential Duct Cleaning

2. Our operator/technician will do a “walk-through” with you in your home taking up any immediate concerns that you have

3. Next our technician will expertly cut the access hook up and clean out opening into your duct system where they are required. Connect a large 10” hose from the Power Vac truck to your heating system

4. Technician now starts the Power Vac truck which places your duct work under extreme suction. The on board compressor provides 250 PSI compressed air continuously, which is used in the cleaning process.

5. With your system under the suction we will open and clean every vents with high pressure air, then we will clean the inside walls, top and bottoms of your main ducts removing the caked on dirt and dust (Air-Brushing improves cleaning quality by removing the dirt, debris, and other contaminants)

6. Then the ducts will be cleaned with a air whips rods and the reverse skipper line discharging high pressure air in 360 pattern. This will loosen dirt & debris in the main line which will be removed by the vacuum

7. Then vacuum house will be switched to the return main line & the same cleaning procedure will be taken

8. We will perform a visual inspection of the system before & after cleaning. We have specialized inspection tool & we can always provide you with digital pictures of your duct inside before & after cleaning

9. Upon completion of the duct cleaning & inspection, we will seal the duct with removable Cap-Plugs or removable metal access cover plates.

* The furnace, chimney & all combustion components will be cleaned and inspected
* The heat exchanger will be visually inspected for stress cracks & carbon monoxide leaks
* The fan & motor, cleaned & lubricated and a multi-point system check will performed

furnace before and after

* If the system has Air Conditioning, both sides of the coil will be cleaned (Other companies simply bypass the coil without cleaning it). Air conditioning must be cleaned at the same time as the furnace. A build up of 1/16 of an inch of dirt on coil can reduce efficiency by up to 30-40% * Our High-Tech method takes 2-3 hrs. to complete the average home (2000-2500 Sq. Ft.) as we will send cleaning devices through your entire air duct system.

coil before and after

 Poor Maintenance

Residential Duct Cleaning Residential Duct Cleaning
Residential Duct Cleaning Residential Duct Cleaning


The entire air handling system can be sprayed with a sanitation/disinfectant, which will eliminate dust mites, bacteria, germs, & slow the growth of mould and mildew. We use Benefect Botanical disinfectant, which is hospital grade, meaning no toxic chemicals whatsoever. It has 99.9% kill rate. It less toxic than vinegar. No rinsing or wiping is needed. It is 100% all-natural, biodegradable, renewable ingredients. We have information packages for customers to read.


Very Important kipped clean to prevent fire and cut energy bills. (Click HERE)


We clean the burner and the pipe that leads out to the main lines; chimney (than it burns more effective) and if the dust builds up, the flames can shoot out and cause a fire.


Should be cleaned to prevent fire in the chimney. We can clean most fire places.


Reduce dryness, nose and throat irritation, static electricity, heat loss, and furniture cracking. Must be cleaned as they can corrode and cause bacteria.